Book “Architect – Structural Engineer” by prof. ir. Rob Nijsse

Book: “Architect – Structural Engineer”, subtitle: dialogs and sketches leading to new buildings.

Mysterious possibilities in an all glass bridge connecting two buildings in Rotterdam.

A book about the relation between Architects and  Structural Engineers by prof. ir. Rob Nijsse.

publisher: Delft Academic Press in Delft, the Netherlands.

ISBN 9789065624499, December 2021.

Personal Motivation:

I always wanted to know how architectural designs start , or better, are “born”. Is there a magical moment of inspiration or is it just hard working to find a work of esthetical and functional value?  I learned in my 40 years of working with famous and not so famous architects that, in reality, the truth lies somewhere in between these two extremes.

Rob Nijsse is a professor in Building Engineering at the TU Delft.  He also worked for 40 years as consulting engineer for ABT, a Dutch structural engineering office.

In 37 projects Rob Nijsse describes the “birth”  of these projects like the Educatorium in Utrecht (architect OMA), the University Library of Utrecht (architect Wiel Arets), The Museum at the Stream in Antwerp (architect Neutelings Riedijk) and the Dutch pavilion for the World Exhibition in Hannover (architect MVRDV). The book contains sketches, both by the architects in question and Rob Nijsse. They illustrate the “birth” of projects.  Added to the sketches is a description of each project, as seen through the eyes of a structural engineer.

The book is meant for all people who are interested in the building designing process. The book starts with the chapter called:  “The role of the structural engineer in the NOT ideal building process”, describing the state of affairs in nowadays building process. The last chapter of the book is ”The ideal building process” and it represents the condensed memories on the art of building of Rob Nijsse based on his experiences in 40 years of building special buildings all over the world.

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ISBN 9789065624499
Delft Academic Press